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Project Description


Yannick Blattner is a Brisbane based artist primarily concerned with the dichotomies, contradictions, and paradoxes of Australian identity. The temporal and phenomenological experiences of Australian culture and the adaption of identity are central to his investigations.  An immigrant of German cultural heritage Blattner’s interest in Australian national identity comes from a point of ambivalence and resistance, yet with an earnest desire to belong.

Exploiting the potential for humour, Blattner’s work strives for ambiguity and tension between the veneration and critique of traditional cultural paradigms. His work utilises culturally iconic symbols, objects, and images, appropriating and re-contextualising source material to re-evaluate cultural phenomenon and identities. Blattner’s work often probes and questions Australia’s underlying masculine ethos. Working across sculpture, installation, performance, video, and painting his practice embraces a funny/serious dichotomy with undertones of humour, mockery and satire.


Yannick Blattner graduated a Bachelor of Fine Art with first class honours from the Queensland University of Technology (2014). He received the inaugural Hild Chenhall Scholarship for painting (2012) and has had several solo exhibitions including: ‘All Gone Shane Warne’ at Inhouse ARI (2013), ‘Low Blow’ at Spiro Grace Art Rooms (2014), and ‘Heatwave’ at Zeppelin Projects in Melbourne (2015). He was a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art prize (2015) and the Gold Coast art Prize (2015).