5 – 27 JULY 2013

Project Description


05 July — 27 July 2013

Simone Eisler’s cross disciplinary practice explores the relationship between the human body and nature, particularly the concepts of physical transformation, species evolution and biodiversity. She pushes this scientific investigation further into the realm of both mythology and futurist thinking, with a focus on interrogating presentation methodologies.

Eisler’s practice consists of installation, photography or sculpture. Within each of these areas she introduces materials from the animal world. In particular, her imaginary sculptural forms rework the materials in different ways either by re-skinning, casting or fracturing and reconfiguring elements.

Fracture presents a playful new series of sculptures of carefully reconfigured sections of cow horn, miniature animal skeletons and glass beads to create morphed organic sculptures that are both fragile and robust.

Eisler’s works are presented in such a way to mimic museological display and in so doing provide the works with a fictional history. Are they simply beautiful objects that extend nature or are they a foreboding scientific glimpse of a new hybridized and invasive life form in a post climate change world?