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Project Description


Simon Degroot uses painting as a way to interrogate pre-existing images. Calling upon a background in commercial printing processes, he utilises strategies of disassembly and reassembly, abstraction and fragmentation in the creation of new works. Degroot explores two-dimensional representations of space, particularly a communicative and operational space found in flat screen technologies. He is interested in formal devices employed by these technologies to adumbrate space such as overlapping forms, transparency, back to front spatial arrangement and perspectival illusion. Degroot explores how these haptic surfaces can influence depictions of a similar space in contemporary painting.


Simon Degroot is a Brisbane based artist. He graduated a Bachelor of Fine Art (visual art) with Honours from the Queensland College of Art in 2013 and is currently undertaking a PhD.

With his practice spanning over a decade, Degroot has established a strong exhibition profile. Some of his recent solo exhibitions include: ‘Picture Building’ KickArts (2016), ‘Shallow Space’ at ANCA Gallery (2014), ‘Select Reshape’ at SGAR (2014), ‘Titanium Anvil’ at The Hold Artspace (2013), ‘Maintain Pleasure Personally’ at Blank_Space (2012), ‘Copy Repeat’ at Metro Art (2011) and ‘Superbouquet’ at Nine Lives Gallery (2011). His work has been published in Independent Press (2011) and in 2008 he also released a self-published book entitled ‘The Happy Mad’.

Degroot is known for his various large-scale abstract murals spotted throughout Brisbane’s urban landscape. Some of his recent mural projects include: Sunshine Coast University Hospital (2016), Changing Lanes Festival Cairns (2015), ‘The Pillars Project’ Southbank (2014), ‘After Image’ Hilton, Brisbane (2014) and ‘Floating in a New Sky’ Shaun Lockyer Architects, Brisbane (2014). In 2015 Degroot won the Moreton Bay Region Art Award. He was a finalist in the Redland Art Awards (2016) and was Highly Commended at the Clayton Utz Art Award (2015).