Project Description

Composite Orders Magenta, 2015, oil on board, 155 x 205 mm


It is our pleasure to announce SGAR artist Simon Degroot’s upcoming exhibition ‘Composite Orders’ opening at Rubicon ARI this August 12. The exhibition will run until August 29, 2015.

The title of Degroot’s exhibition ‘Composite Orders’ refers to the structural columns featured in architecture during the Renaissance. The columns were built as a result of combining and restructuring architectural elements from preceding historical periods. Degroot employs the notion of building upon and combining visual structures through his approach to abstract painting, whilst extending this concept to include influences from todays digital culture. Degroot finds a parallel between the historic legacy of the Composite order and layers of computer coding that determine the order of digital operations. Degroot builds upon and extends these two modes of visual construction to reveal their connection and similarities. Consequently his works both operate within and visualise the intersection between digital and built environments.

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