Project Description


Twice Removed Winnam, 2014, 122cm
Military maps, Indian ink and synthetic polymer paint on canvas

We are proud to announce SGAR artist Megan Cope will feature in the upcoming group exhibition ‘The Fraud Complex’, opening 5 May at West Space in Melbourne.

The exhibition is curated by emerging curatorial duo Johnson+Thwaites. Their collaborative practice is guided by a shared interest in intersectional art practices and radical political theory.

The exhibition will showcase the works of eleven artists, incorporating performance, painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation.  The artists have been invited to approach the polar binary of authentic/fake as it plays out in everyday life. Questions around what constitutes a fraud and the relevancy of authenticity penetrate everyday debate around gender, ethnicity, morality and science. ‘The Fraud Complex’ incites suspicions of duplicity and feelings of doubt, inviting audiences to wonder if we are all just ‘faking it’ in different ways, and the complicated relationship we have with fakes, facsimiles and impersonations in contemporary art and culture.

 For more information about the exhibition and West Space, including a full list of participating artists, please click here.