Project Description


Artist Chantal Fraser’s work is currently on display in the curated exhibition ‘Resonance’ at Roslyn Smorgan Gallery (footscray, Melbourne). Her work will also be featured ‘Quarternary’ at the QUT Art Museum Brisbane in May.

‘Resonance’ explores how the past resonates in every gesture we make as we keep time to the cadence of the present. Resonance is an exhibition of Pacific artists who were asked to celebrate their individuality and their voice. Each stands confident in their convictions while harmonising with each other in the belief that every voice matters – each enriches the conversation of community.

Chantal Fraser will be exhibited alongside Chuck Feesago, Naup Waup, Kirsten Lyttle, Cecilia Kavara Verran, Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Leuli Eshraghi, Anna Crawley and Eric Bridgeman.

The exhibition will run from April 9 to May 3rd at the Roslyn Smorgan Gallery in the Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. For more details please see the following link:

Curated by senior lecturer Courtney Pedersen ‘Quarternary’ surveys the aesthetic relationship of colour across graduates of QUT Visual Arts. The exhibition responds to Australian artist Thea Proctor’s claim in 1938 that “it is well known that the majority of women art students have a good sense of colour” and conjectured that male-dominated art gallery boards might suffer from the absence of this gendered ‘colour sense’.

The exhibition highlights the affective use of colour in powerful and compelling ways across the artistic practices of Bianca Beetson, Chantal Fraser, Rachael Haynes, Natalya Hughes, Alice Lang, Gemma Smith, and Jemima Wyman.

“Quartenary” will be on display at the QUT Art Museum from the 9th of May to June 18th – for more information please see the following link.