OCT 7 – NOV 11, 2017

Project Description


EXHIBITION OPENING | 5 – 7pm Saturday October 7, 2017
EXHIBITION DATES | October 7 – November 11, 2017


Michelle Eskola’s solo exhibition will feature a site-sensitive arrangement, investigating colour as it relates to space, material and sensation.

The exhibition will present works that evolve from compact and dense, to light and ethereal in appearance. For these works, Eskola will experiment with divergent materials, including Plexiglas, paper, fabric, pigment, and projected light. The point of departure for the exhibition is the complex relationship between colour, surface and the surrounding light conditions.

The show aims to trigger a sensory and emotional engagement.  The artist will embrace a cyclical process: layering, editing and reducing, to produce works that defy the perceived nature of the materials and directly call into play our subjective perceptual responses.

Eskola’s paintings and arrangements emerge from her background in time-based media and ongoing inquiry into the materiality and fundamentality of painting itself.  Working with raw pigment and a polymer binder, she experiments with vibrancy, transparency and technique.

Often disguising traces of the hand, her works recall the aesthetic of the colour field painters of the Washington Colour School.  Eskola encompasses the freedom associated with web-based creation of combining and recombining colour and form.  This allows the artist to embrace chance occurrences whilst engaging her work in a dialogue between the painting and the screen.