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Project Description


Franz Ehmann is an internationally recognised artist, working with text-paintings, installation, performance, video and food for over 20 years. He displays objects in precise ways to simultaneously create and resolve humanistic concerns whilst accentuating collaborations between the natural and the man made. Prepared food and its waste dominate the theatrical language of Ehmann’s practice, giving rise to their symbolic and metaphorical significance. He deconstructs the meaning of language, material and imagery to construct a series of questions – questions about the meaning of a word, the embodied meaning for a material or the investigation of an image. This process ignites an inquisition of the world at large.


Born in Graz, Austria, Franz Ehmann migrated to Australia in 1986, arriving in Adelaide. He received a BA in Fine Art from the NT University in Darwin (Charles Darwin University) in 1991. Ehmann has lectured at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and Queensland College of Art. He now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Ehmann has exhibited throughout Australia and Europe in institutions, artist-run initiatives and commercial galleries. His recent solo exhibitions include:  ‘Here, Where Everything Lands’ SGAR, Brisbane (2017); ‘Many Things (it’s a colourful world)’ SGAR, Brisbane (2014); the inaugural Munich Artist Bienale, Im Haus der Kunst, Germany (2013); ‘Words that changed the world and influenced the weather’ FOE 156, Munich, Germany (2012) and ‘There Where you are not’, Factory49, Sydney (2011). Ehmann has completed residencies with Artspace (Sydney, 2007), Artlink 2000 (Sri Lanka, 2000) and Randall Studio (Brisbane, 1994). His work has been featured in various publications including ‘Speaking the World into Existence’ which showed an exploration into Ehmann’s performance works (2005), ‘Soapbox: Installation Practices and Artists’ (1999) and ‘The Blue Room of Humanity’, published by the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (1997). From 1995 – 1997 he opened and directed Soapbox Gallery in Brisbane.