11 – 27 AUG 2014

Project Description

Blue House by Franz Ehmann.


11 September — 27 September 2014

Please join us for an artist talk with Franz Ehmann in the gallery, refreshments will be provided to celebrate the final day of Franz’s exhibition.

ARTIST TALK | 3pm Saturday, September 27

Each week of Franz’s exhibition will see a transformation – reassembling and introducing new artworks.

‘Words unwritten, thoughts unsaid and forgotten present themselves as zero point, somewhere towards the end of many things as if only questions can remain. The unexpressed and unmade is useful as it informs the presented artworks and restores a silence that otherwise cannot be found. What sense do we make in these artworks or for making art for that matter? Does art preserve a social value beyond the monetary and aesthetic? Does politics arise from these matters and where to with it?

The precise display of objects partially answers the questions through forms that in turn, ask more questions of many things. The decisions of ongoing collaborations between the natural and man made objectifications were made in the early years with materials such as beeswax, honey, milk, eggshells, cooked food and constructed environments. Over time synchronization helped the ongoing process to elicit a daily change. Projects such as ‘wishlist’, ‘fourteen’ and the wax houses for ‘Heimat’ are unending. These text works and objects appear singular as much as they are part of many more, adding to questioning the questions. In a vague sense it all ends up as an assessment of life, an indefinite summarization of a few weeks in an otherwise ongoing colourful world.

The single and most unrecognized phenomenon is the reaction to things. Precise gestures grace the silence in which these objects restore the role of silence. A gesture of grace can open the debate and render any of these dichotomies as essential elements to further art for the 21st century. For better or worse, we live in a specific bubble of communication foam, where language itself loses its currency and enters the territory of burned out meaning.’

Franz Ehmann
June 22, 2014