3 – 24 AUG 2013

Project Description


03 August — 24 August 2013

Daniel Templeman’s creative practice poses questions. Can the object be the subject? How do we perceive pattern in motion? Can an artwork incite a gap? What does an artwork reveal and what does it conceal? Whether it is a large-scale concrete sculpture or a delicate carbon-transfer drawing, Templeman invites us to question the artefact’s construction, physicality and finish. When considering the process and material exploration of his works, the viewer is ultimately questioning what is revealed and concealed. It is this conundrum that gives his work an illusive quality placing the viewer within the work. The artefact is as much about what it does as what it is. The artefact incites a gap, to be occupied by the viewer.

As a teenager Templeman spent time working in his father’s cabinet-making business where he developed an appreciation for materials and the illusionary quality of veneers, laminates and polishes. Later at art school when confronted by Minimalism he began to see potential parallels between construction and dematerialisation. Templeman’s ongoing creative process oscillates between hard edge reality and perceptual trickery, object and construction.