Project Description


BRIDIE GILLMAN‘s From here is a collection of photographs that reflect the ambiguities which exist within our notions of place. Filled with signs of life but devoid of any people, Gillman’s scenes of in-betweenness revel in their enigmatic, indeterminate nature. They are quiet moments of everyday beauty, stumbled upon and captured by Gillman’s discerning lens.

An anywhere-ness permeates the series, each alluring scene resisting geographic identification. Dislocated from their broader cultural context, each image speaks to a universality of place. Gillman’s practice is concerned with interrogating issues of cross-cultural experience – From here situates the notion of place within an unfixed site, complicating our understanding of locational specificity. Throughout the exhibition evidence of human trace is foregrounded as an intrinsic element of the images, making the tension between absence and presence tangible. Gillman deftly employs the ebb and flow of liminality to give tone to the suite of works, which are united by their refined and striking aesthetic formality.

Gilllman’s photographic practice hinges upon the interrelationship between colour, light and form. Her eye for composition is formidable, operatic in its demeanour. Drenched in natural light and densely saturated, each image in From here pulsates with the feel of sunlight in the air.